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Oil is vital to your engine’s moving parts. It lubricates, removes heat as it circulates and flushes contaminants out of the engine. Donaldson lube filters keep engine oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. New engine designs require finer filtration than older engines. Increased engine emissions control and tighter tolerances within the engine require high efficiency filters.

Spin-on Lube/Oil Filters Donaldson durable lube filters keep your equipment running at its best to let you focus on what’s most important, getting your job done.

Full-flow filters Full-flow lube filters are designed to keep the oil clean by removing contaminant. On most engines, a full-flow filter is all you need to lubricate engine components.

By-pass filters When used, a by-pass filter continually circulates approximately 10% of the oil in the lubricating system. By-pass filtration supplements the full-flow filter with the capability to remove smaller contaminant.

Cartridge-style filters Donaldson offers a complete line of cartridge-style lube filters for all makes of equipment. For more information Donaldson spin-on, full-flow by-pass or cartridge-style filters, review the liquid filter Product Literature section.

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